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Volume 3/ (2013)


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Editorial: A bridge too close
Jaime Almansa Sánchez

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Year by year, editing the journal becomes more complicated with the increasing load of work. Old and new projects interfere with a process that is time-consuming, especially for only two people. When this adventure started in 2010 we saw this as ‘a bridge

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Forum: The looting of archaeological heritage (Part I)
Ignacio Rodríguez Temiño et al.

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The use of metal detectors is an important issue in the management and protection of archaeological heritage. However, metal detectors have been generally tagged as a tool for looting more than a tool for research or protection. Their use has evolved in a

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Rescue Archaeology and Spanish Journalism: The Abu Simbel Operation
Salomé Zurinaga Fernández-Toribio

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Building Aswan Dam brought an unprecedented campaign to rescue all the affected archaeological sites in the region. Among them, Abu Simbel, one of the Egyptian icons, whose relocation was minutely followed by the Spanish press. This paper analyzes this co

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GET OFF MY LAND! Towards mutual understanding in archaeological field conflicts
Bertram Mapunda

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Genuine community participation in research and conservation projects is crucial for sustainable protection, management and development of archaeological sites, especially in sub-Saharan Africa where the scientific value of such resources is less apreciat

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Excava(c)tion in Vignale. Archaeology on stage, archaeology on the Web
Stefano Costa & Francesco Ripanti

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As an orchestra or a rock star, archaeologists have their audience too. This paper wants to highlight an integrated approach between fieldwork, its account and its dissemination to the public in different ways, including social media. This potential integ

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Time Travels in Archaeology. Between Hollywood films and historical re-enactment?
Dawid Kobialka

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One of the recently most popular ways of experiencing the past is time travelling. It is ‘an experience and social practice in the present that evokes a past (or future) reality’ (Holtorf 2009: 33). In this article, I mainly discuss the political aspect o

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Points of You - From a book to the raw reality of archaeology
Lancaster Williams

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My name is Lancaster Williams and I am the main character of the Spanish novel El Hallazgo (The Finding).

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Review: Archeologia Pubblica in Italia
Chiara Zuanni

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The first Italian Congress of Public Archaeology was held in Florence at the end of October 2012

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Review: Heritage under siege
Ignacio Rodríguez Temiño

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The destruction of works of art and antiquities as a result of armed conflicts has always been present throughout history.

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Review: Integrating Archaeology
Antonio Vizcaíno Estevan

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The book is a compilation of papers presented in the conference: "Integrating Archaeology: Science-Wish-Reality"

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Review: Negotiation basics for CRM
Alicia Torija

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Archaeologists and preservationists are fatally uninformed and uninterested in negotiation...

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Review: Dangerous Places
Diana Rocío Carvajal Contreras

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Safety is often taken too lightly...

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Review: Archaeology & CRM
Lorna Richardson

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This book addresses issues old and new in public archaeology...

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