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Volume 5/ (2015)


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Jaime Almansa Sánchez & Elena Papagiannopoulou

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As we are about to bid farewell to 2015, we must admit that this past year has been interesting regarding the academic publishing sector. In September 2014 we presented a poster at the EAA Meeting in Istanbul to celebrate our journal’s first five years. O

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Local Communities’ Perceptions of Archaeology and Cultural Heritage Resources in the Mtwara Region of Tanzania
Festo W. Gabriel

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This paper examines local communities’ understanding of archaeology and cultural heritage resources. This study was conducted among the Makonde communities of the Mtwara Region of south-eastern Tanzania. The paper presents and critically discusses local c

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Archaeology, Politics, Entertainment and Dialogue: Polish (Digital) Public Archaeology
Alicja Piślewska

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The examination of these two issues begins with a presentation of their historical background, rooted in a political, economic and sociological context. Through reaching back to the past of the Polish state some trends in presenting archaeology to the pub

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Blogging about the End Times: Dealing with the Fringes of Archaeology
Johan Normark

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The 2012-phenomenon is based on the idea that something important was expected to occur on December 21, 2012, a date associated with the ancient Maya Long Count calendar. Even though the date has passed, the overall phenomenon is unlikely to disappear bec

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Of Pyramids and Dictators: Memory, Work and the Significance of Communist Heritage in Post-Socialist Albania
Francesco Iacono and Klejd L. Këlliçi

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The communist regime that governed Albania between 1944 and 1991 has left considerable architectural remains. This however, are rapidly dissapearing, as a result of recent development. This paper explores the perception of the monumental heritage of the s

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Punk, DIY, and Anarchy in Archaeological Thought and Practice
Colleen Morgan

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Recent developments in archaeological thought and practice involve a seemingly disparate selection of ideas that can be collected and organized as contributing to an anti-authoritarian, “punk” archaeology. This includes the contemporary archaeology of pun

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Points of You - Settling the differences and enabling change: Toward a more inclusive management of archaeological sites in Athens
Helen Stefanopoulos

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Review - Faking Ancient Mesoamerica / Faking Ancient Andes
David S. Anderson

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Review - Where the wind blows us
Lisa K. Rankin

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Review - Archaeology, Heritage and Civil Engagement
Alexandra Ion

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Review - Archaeology, the Public and the Recent Past
Jaime Almansa Sánchez

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Review - Blogging Archaeology
David Mennear

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Review - Arqueología Pública en España
Ana Pastor

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Review - The Past in the Present
Stelios Lekakis

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Review - Cultural Property Crime
Ignacio Rodríguez Temiño

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