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Volume 4/ (2014)


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Jaime Almansa & Elena Papagiannopoulou

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As the journal is steadily growing, so are we along with it, not only in terms of age or experience but also in terms of people. For quite a few months we wanted to expand our editorial team and the right time finally came after publishing Volume 3, wh

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Forum I. The looting of archaeological heritage (Part II)
Sabita Nadesan, Ivana Carina Jofré Luna & Sam Hardy

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Conflict is not just about war. When Jaime first went to Ethiopia, one of the sites he was working on had been vanished due to religious beliefs. This can be also seen in the case of the Bamiyan Buddhas, not that long ago, in Afghanistan. Purely politi

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Forum II. Archaeology as a tool for peacemaking
Adi Keinan-Schoonbaert, Ghattas J. Sayej & Laia Colomer Solsona

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Shortly after publishing Volume 3, a colleague submitted a very interesting paper about the value of archaeology as a tool for peace between Israel and Palestine. As it passed the review process, we thought it would be interesting to open the topic for

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Using Facebook to build a community in the Conjunto Arqueológico de Carmona (Seville, Spain).
Ignacio Rodríguez Temiño & Daniel González Acuña

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When the Conjunto Arqueológico de Carmona (Seville) was inaugurated as the first open-air archaeological museum in Spain in 1885, the institution enjoyed a local community of people interested in archaeology, but this community lost strength over time

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In Search of Atlantis: Underwater Tourism between Myth and Reality
Marxiano Melotti

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In post-modernity, the millenarian search for mythical sites has become a tourist attraction and the process of culturalization of consumption has created and is creating a new global heritage. Places already celebrated for leisure have been reinvented

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The past is a horny country. Porn movies and the image of archaeology
Jaime Almansa Sanchez

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Do you watch porn? Most people lie when answering this question. The pornographic industry would not be as big as it is if nobody consumed it. As with other cultural expressions, archaeology and the past are also represented in porn movies, affecting t

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PoY #OccupyArchaeology
Yannis Hamilakis with a response by Francesco Iaconno

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We in archaeology, art and heritage domains have been for far too long, oblivious, tolerant, if not complicit to a regime of work and political economy which is not sustainable; they tell us about expansion, new markets, new wings for our museums, new

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David Andrés Castillo

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Cultures of Commodity Branding

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Ignacio Rodríguez Temiño

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Cultural Heritage in the Crosshair

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Ignacio Rodríguez Temiño

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US Cultural Diplomacy and Archaeology

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Rafael Greenberg

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Archeological intervention on historical necropolises

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Xurxo Ayán Vila

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Arueológicas. Hacia una Arqueología Aplicada

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Doug Rocks-MacQueen

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Breaking New Ground

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Jaime Almansa Sánchez

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Cultural Heritage and the Challenge of Sustainability

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Dawid Kobialka

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Archaeology in Society and Daily Live

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ROȘIA MONTANĂ When heritage meets social activism, politics and community identity
Alexandra Ion

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“Archaeology for Whom?” A situation where this question gains particular importance is the case of rescue archaeology projects, especially those facing big economic projects. It is the purpose of this article to propose a reflective attitude towards ou

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