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Kerry Massheder-Rigby & Dominic Walker

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Lies, damned lies, and archaeologists:
Donna Yates

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By definition, our interactions with those that we consider to be 'extra-disciplinary' are predicated on our own self-identification as archaeologists. It isn't news that some stakeholders react negatively to archaeologists. To them, we are not neutral, w

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Sustainability in community archaeology
Paul Belford

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This paper considers the rise of community archaeology in England and Wales, its relationships with other branches of archaeology, and its long-term sustainability. Possible meanings of sustainability are discussed from an international and interdisciplin

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Branding local heritage and popularising 45 a remote past
Torgrim Sneve Guttormsen

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Since the national romantic era, the Haugesund region of Norway has been associated with patriotism and heroism as it is believed to be the homeland of the Viking hero Harald Fairhair, the first king of Norway. In the arrival hall at the airport outside H

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Digging up memories
Kerry Massheder-Rigby

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This paper forms part of a wider PhD project exploring whether there can be an informative research relationship between archaeology and oral history. Its focus is on the working class housing experience in the North of England during the Industrial Revo

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Decentering the discipline?
Dominic Walker

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In recent years archaeologists have asserted the value of social media for achieving goals such as 'shared authority' and the 'empowerment' of various communities. These assertions often resemble techno-utopian discourse. However, it is essential to criti

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